The last couple of years have been busy assisting with the Gathering Memories project which is now finished. Whilst it has taken up a lot of time it has given me a tremendous amount of experience and satisfaction. The project has raised a very good amount of money for the Alzheimer’s Society, and this final total will be announced shortly on their website and their Facebook page.

I have also been busy exhibiting with ‘Visual Marks’, a stitched textile group that I co-founded five years ago and which aims to exhibit at least once if not twice a year. There were two exhibitions in 2018, one at Hanger Farm, Southampton and the other at The Oxmarket, Chichester. This year we will be at Fisherton Mill, Salisbury, for the month of October.

I’m currently very interested in using my textile art to create awareness of the loss of our Bees and the world wide problem of plastic in our oceans some of which can be seen in the Gallery.



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