B95 Moonbird is back

Breaking news from the ‘Friends of the Red Knot’  Facebook page:

“He’s Back!! Here’s the news we’ve been waiting for!! B95 was found this morning at Reeds Beach, by Patricia Gonzalez. Truly amazing!!!”


I’m so pleased to hear he’s alive and well.


9 thoughts on “B95 Moonbird is back

  1. Hi Wendy,
    I manage the website Moonbirdfund.org, via WordPress, and came across your Red Knot artwork and blog in the course of updating this site today with, yes! the news of B95’s most recent sighting in Delaware Bay. I’m thrilled to see how B95’s survival story has inspired you so, and would like to share your Red Knot project with my colleague Patricia Gonzalez (B95 bander) and other scientists who would love to know of this connection. When you can, please email me at mgmorehouse@manomet.org and we can go from there!

    All the best,
    Meredith G. Morehouse
    Conservation Specialist, Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network (WHSRN)
    Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences (www.whsrn.org / http://www.manomet.org)

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