Inspired by Ali Lindley

Ali Lindley is a creative artist specialising in watercolour and mixed media work and I was lucky enough to recently attend one of her workshops. She has her own unique style, which is quite loose, using colour and texture as the stimulus for a piece of work which is often finished with the addition of gold leaf.

Having no real experience in watercolour painting it proved to be a most exciting if somewhat nerve wracking day. We used a number of techniques such as stenciling, washes, dropping colour in and water spraying gold ink as well as simply letting the paint do its own thing;  Ali made it look so simple but that’s years of experience for you.  However under her guidance I managed to produce something almost recognisable!




3 thoughts on “Inspired by Ali Lindley

  1. Surely not a first attempt…they are lovely. Where are you based Wendy, are you in Winchester?

    • Thank you for those kind words but believe me they look better photographed than in reality!
      It was my first attempt, I’m no painter but I love the way Ali paints, I’m going to give it another go.
      I’m based in Southampton.

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