Experimenting afternoon

Had a fun afternoon today experimenting with dying yarn, in preparation for my final piece for the Degree show.

I’ve been researching the Red Knot bird and one in particular, known as B95 or sometimes called the Moonbird.  This is the basis for my installation and one thing I’ll need is lots and lots of orangey red yarn. Having found a suitable yarn in white, I need to dye half of it red/orange, hence today’s experimentation.



7 thoughts on “Experimenting afternoon

    • Thanks Annabel – just experimenting to find which dye’takes’ best. I’ve got 2 cones of yarn in white but want one in red (well more of an orangey colour really), so will have to dye some for the flight path of the Red Knot bird!

    • Thanks Sarah. Tried out a variety – procion, procion with manutex, brusho, silk paint, fabric paint, and Koh-i-noor – well I did say I was experimenting 🙂

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